Ways to Stop Stress Eating And Loss Weight

Ways to Stop Stress Eating & Loss Weight

Nowadays, self-quarantining is the only way to be safe by COVID-19, yet being stuck at home all alone can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle or overeating because of emotional breakdown and stress. Stress eating can sabotage your weight loss attempts. It frequently leads to eating excessively — particularly a lot of unhealthy, sweet, and oily nourishments. Fortunately, in case you're inclined to stress eating, you can find a way to recover control of your eating habits and refocus on your weight loss goals.

Stress eating is also known as emotional eating in which people use food to deal with upsetting circumstances. Numerous people experience stress eating at once or another. It could show itself as eating a pack of chips when exhausted or eating a chocolate bar following a troublesome day at work.

In any case, when stress eating happens as often as possible or turns into the principle way the people deal with their feelings, at that point their life, happiness, health, and weight can be contrarily influenced.

What Are the Main Causes of Stress/Emotional Eating?

Main Causes of Emotional Eating

Old Habits

You may be eating because your previous colleagues must order fast food for lunch every day and even after you change the workplace, you still find yourself ordering fast food several times as it became your habit.


This word has different meanings as per different people. But it usually refers to that if you are so free and probably has nothing to do or maybe you aren’t enjoying your work which mostly leads to eating unnecessary food to pass time and causes emotional eating.

Social Interactions, Finances or Work Stress

Proper social interaction with your spouse or friends is very important as it may lead to stress eating. If you have work stress or suffering from finances loss and a big cookie or packet of chips feel like a big hug to your emotional breakdown then you must be drowning in the pool of emotional eating.

How to Save Yourself from Stress Eating & Loss Weight?

Keep up a Diary

Keep up a Diary

Maintain a log of the food items you eat daily. Recording the food and ensuing calorie intake will assist you with eating less. You will be well aware and settle on healthy food decisions, which is important when trying to lose kilos.

Eat Real, Good-For-You Foods

Eat Real Good-For-You Foods

Concentrate on eating whole grain-based food items, Mediterranean-style diet stacked with antioxidant-rich vegetables and fruits, Good fats food like olive oil, and fermented food items such as kefir or yogurt, and whole grains, lean meats, seeds, and nuts, etc.

Not exclusively do these food items keep glucose levels consistent, but at the same time, they're packed with stress-management vitamins like vitamin B, zinc, magnesium, calcium, selenium, and the list goes on.

Breath Properly Before You Eat

Breath Properly Before You Eat

We constantly breathe without wondering it, yet Spanish exploration demonstrated that casual, controlled breathing can adequately decrease cortisol levels. Therefore, before every supper, take a couple of moments to sit relaxed in a seat, and put in some minutes focusing on breathing, gradually and deeply, in through your nose and out through your mouth. You might be astonished how rapidly this procedure can help mitigate muscle stress and calm your mind.

Try Not to Deprive Yourself

Try not to Deprive Yourself

When trying to get more fit, you may restrict calories to an extreme, eat similar foods over and again and expel treats. This may simply serve to boost your food cravings, particularly because of feelings. Eat fulfilling measures of more beneficial food items, enjoy an occasional treat, and get a lot of assortment to help contain cravings.

I hope these simple tips mentioned above may help you control stress eating and improve many other aspects of your health too.

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