The Methods to Stretch after Exercise

Do you meet these problems when exercising for losing weight?

  • The effect of losing weight is not that good although you have done sufficient exercises.
  • The flexibility of a muscle is worse although the physical body is stronger.
  • The legs don’t become longer and the waist doesn’t become thinner as expected, but burlier.

The origin of these problems is the exerciser doesn’t value the stretching of muscles. Excessive anaerobic exercises would affect physical coordination and make the body seem very burly. Excessive aerobic exercises can help to reduce body fat but would make the body seem very wizened. Stretching is the key point to coordinate both of them.

 What are the damages without stretching?

  1. The result of losing weight won’t be so good. The excellent motor ability of muscles can burn off the fat and lead to the best result of losing weight. However, if the exercisers don’t stretch well to increase the muscles’flexibility, the motor ability of muscle will be weaker.
  2. It would be harder to build a well-defined body. Stretching can increase the coordination of muscles, which improves the growth of muscles and help to build a nice body shape more quickly. And it can also increase the flexibility of muscles, which could reshape a younger and more active physical body.
  3. The circumference of the leg part grows larger. For example, the legs grow larger without stretching after running, or the back grows thicker and the arms grow larger after the other training exercises. Because the muscles are so stiff that blood circulation is not as good as before. Apparently, it’s important to stretch muscles to avoid the burly parts of the body.
  4. It would lead to physical pain. Without stretching, the muscles would be under a constant state of contraction, which would cause inflammation. Then the metabolic waste can’t be discharged to the outside timely and accumulate on those body parts. Finally, there would be tired or painful muscles. This is bad for your health. So stretching is an essential measure to prevent us from injuries.
  5. Damage health. Without stretching for a long time, the muscles would lose elasticity, which would easily cause kyphosis or burly parts. In addition, the low-elastic muscles lead to stiff postures when exercising, which have a large impact force on the joints. As time goes by, the impact force would cause pain and injuries.

How to stretch correctly?

Next, let’s have a look at a group of easy stretches. The red parts mean the key stretching parts, the blue and green parts mean the secondary parts.

Correct stretching can release short-term muscle hyperemia. But don’t misunderstand that stretching can realize the growth of muscles and slim legs quickly. There are different states to lose weight. Usually, the circumference of legs become larger firstly and then become smaller gradually before the charming muscles come true. So we highly recommend keeping stretching while keeping exercises. Don’t stop even though your legs become larger in the first period.

The last reminder

The key point of stretching doesn’t rely on the time you take, but the quality. Try to do each stretching movement slowly and correctly.


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