Some Good Habits of Drinking Water

Do you meet this situation? When you’re sweating a lot and feel rather thirsty on a hot day, much ice water or drinks make people feel thirstier instead. Many people don’t know this would cause reflexive sweating to lose more water inside the physical body, which damages health. Besides, excessive sweating leads to the cramp that may cause death because of too much lack of NA inside.

So we think it’s extremely necessary to follow good habits, to avoid the problems that may cause diseases or death.

The taboos of daily drinking water

  1. It’s inadvisable to drink boiled mineral water

There are lots of minerals such as Ca and Mg that are hard but could be absorbed by the physical body cause it’s the ionic form under normal temperature. However, the minerals would become limescale after boiling. This would spoil the taste and people can’t get the mineral supplements. So the experts recommend drinking normal-temperature mineral water.

  1. Not to drink a lot of water at once after exercise

After exercise, lots of sweating would take out the heat and NA from the body. At this time, the amount of water would lead to more sweat output to lose more NA and improve blood circulation, which increases the burden of the heart. It’s best to drink moderate water with little salts to supplement the lost electrolyte.

  1. Not to drink a lot of water after a meal

Usually, the food takes up most of the stomach after a meal. Especially overeating with lots of water could cause gastroptosis and stomach expansion that damage health. So do remember not to drink lots of water at once after a meal.

  1. Don’t use boiling water to drink instant beverages

Most nutrition like milk powder, cocoa, and vitamin has been disinfected seriously in the production process. So people can drink or eat them directly, water is just used to make it easier to drink. Boiling water would prompt the nutrition to resolve and change the taste. Warm water is a better choice for this nutrition.

  1. Not to use the carbonated beverages to replace water

There is much sugar inside the carbonated beverages, which would cause fat or decay tooth. Far worse, they may lead to nutritional imbalance, decreased density of the bone, and impaired development. Try to drink more water, less carbonated beverages.

The importance of drinking water at different periods

Commonly an adult should drink around 1500ML water at least, even need more in the very hot weather. Next, let’s pay more attention to the following period:

  1. Drink water after getting up

After a night, the breath, skin, and urine would take away about 400ML water from the body. So the body would be under a physiologic lack of water. A cup of water would stimulate gastrointestinal motility in case of constipation.

  1. Drink water before a meal

It’s advisable to drink water half an hour before a meal. It can help to secret more digestive juice to prompt intestinal absorption, so the body can get more nutrition from the food.

  1. Drink water before bed

Drink a cup of water half an hour before bed if you sleep at 22:00 or 23:00. Cause 3:00 am~5:00 am is very important for blood secretion. But water is essential for this process.


  1. Drink water before a bath

The researches show taking a bath for 10 minutes in the 40℃ water would make people sweat a lot, which needs 3 cups of water to recover. If the bath is longer, we advise you to drink more water.

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