Some Exercises for The Old to Fight Against COVID-19

Life is movement. Whatever age you are, exercise can make you look younger. If you can keep exercising, your physical shape could be like this.

Researches show moderate exercise can help to improve the respiratory system and strengthen lung power to get more oxygen content, which could make the immune system stronger. Besides, the digestive system would also benefit from exercise. The stomach of the old will become more active, this can stimulate their appetites and avoid gastrointestinal disorders. As susceptible people, the government advocates them not to go out optionally, exercises at home become hot choices for the old. Here we collect some exercises that are suitable for them.

Limb movements

Single leg standing

Single leg standing can exercise the flexibility of the keen. Open legs as wide as shoulder, then lift one leg and bend 90 degrees to the thigh. If they can’t stand firmly with one leg, they could rely on the wall.

bend leg backward

Bending the leg backward can exercise the keen and muscle of the leg. Stand on the left leg, bend the right leg backward until the right hand can get seize the instep, don’t move within 10 seconds, finally change another leg. Kindly note bending the upper body such as the wrist and back is forbidden during this process.

Draw a circle with arms

Draw circles from clockwise direction and anticlockwise direction, then change another hand. But don’t too hard in case of dislocated joints.

Swing waist

Arms akimbo and belly expanding, draw circles with crotch from the clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Keeping this movement for 15 minutes can release the soul and pain of the waist or the back. But do remember not too hard.

Exercises on the sofa

“Riding a bicycle”: Sit on the sofa, hold on the handrails of two sides, lift both legs up front, then ride again and again like on a bicycle.

Aerobic exercise


The Chinese Kungfu “Taiji” is highly recommended for the old all over the world. The movements of Taiji are soft, but powerful, which could strengthen the bones and muscles to make them more flexible.


Dance can exercise the whole body, which is workable outside or at home. A kindly note doesn’t make too much noise that will make your neighbors annoyed.


Try to walk around at home with some beautiful music or TV news. If you can walk 3000 steps, whose amount of exercise is the same to take a walk outside.

Exercise by sports equipment

Some sports equipment could be a good choice at home, but be cautious to choose suitable equipment cause most old people get osteoporosis. Some sport equipment such as a treadmill, exercise bicycle, and dumbbell can avoid injury while exercising. If individuals would like strong biceps, 5 Best Dumbbell Exercises at Home are highly recommended.


  • Don’t wear too tight clothes. They would affect blood circulation.
  • Don’t keep exercising for long. Especially, high-intensity and long-duration exercise would motivate the blood pressure to rise, which isn’t good for the health of the old.
  • Don’t exercise with an empty stomach. Eating some food with carbohydrates is critical before exercise. However, overeating would make the stomach uncomfortable.
  • Glucosamine and calcium are necessary for the old. Glucosamine can help to prevent the articular cartilage from abrasion. Calcium can increase the intensity of bones, which avoid osteoporosis and fracture.

I do hope everyone can go through this epidemic safely, exercise would help us to fight against the COVID-19. These small movements are the key point for everyone, not only for the old.

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