How to Make Us Stronger Than Coronavirus?

From the beginning of 2020, we have been suffering a global epidemic outbreak. No effective medicines and vaccines can figure out this hateful disease, global professors keep working it hardly although. But don’t worry, pessimistic emotion or anxiety isn’t good for our health. We need to go through this special period optimistically. Actually, before the vaccine, we can do something to protect our health. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle to improve immunity is necessary. So what can we do to make our immunity stronger than coronavirus? A balanced diet is one of the most important prevention steps. The following are some tips.

Have enough staple food: 250~400g usually

We should calculate the weight of staple food including potato, pasta, and others before cooking. Because of isolation, many people may exercise less. To avoid constipation, some cereals and beans are necessary to be contained in daily staple food, around 50~100g. If you are going to lose weight, The Premium Staple Food for Losing Weight may be suitable for you.

Have sufficient premium protein

Have moderate fish, chicken, egg, and lean meat to get premium protein. Additionally, we also need to have food made of milk, or bean. These can help us get a balanced protein diet. Or you can refer to The Top 9 High Protein Food For Fitness.

Have vegetables and fruit every day

Fresh vegetables and fruit contains much mineral substance and dietary fiber, vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin E, and so on, which can adjust and strengthen the immunity system. For example, rape, spinach, celery, carrot, tomato, fungus, mushroom, apple, kiwi, etc.

Have lighter foods

Less high-fat food, less high-salt food, less high-sugar, and less deep-fry food. The most important is NO eating wide animal, evidence has shown most of them are virus carriers.

Regarding less high-fat food, it doesn’t mean we can’t eat anymore. Premium fat food can provide energy for people’s physical power, so we can have some regularly. The correct method is putting less than normal when cooking or eating some moderate nuts each day.

No smoking, no excessive drinking

Long-term smoking or excessive drinking can damage our immunity system, the disease would invade our health easier cause the immunity is weaker than others. So if possible, stop smoking and develop a good drinking habit, moderation is the best at any time.

Drinking sufficient water

Try to drink water as possible as you can,1500~2000ML is the best. Soup such as chicken soup, meat soup, or vegetable soup is also workable, these can provide water, but also nutrition for us.

Enrich nutrition

If your physical condition or appetite is poor, we should enrich nutrition, especially according to the actual status. Nutrient supplements and higher nutritional content of milk powder would be a good method for this kind of person. Please do as your doctor’s advise, call him before any actions if your physical condition is very bad.

Clean food

We have to pay more attention to dietetic hygiene. The meat needs to cook well done, medium cooked could be your favorite, but professors don’t advise eating until COVID-19 is over.

The above tips can make us stronger absolutely if we can follow. But is it enough? No, it’s just the first step. We need to follow a well-balanced diet associated with a regular schedule for rest. Although you’re working or studying from home, you’re free to do anything you want including staying up late for games or parties. But your physical health will reflect after a while. Finally, we need regular exercise for around 30~60 minutes to strengthen our health. At this time, all of us are soldiers, protecting yourself means protecting your family.

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