Be Careful If You Have These Bad Habits

Bad habits plus long time equals diseases

We have to say most diseases come from bad living habits. Drinking too little water would cause stones in the organs. Eating irregularly would cause gastric ulcers. Drinking water too much would cause a fatty liver. Sedentary behavior would cause varicosity. Today we sum up some bad habits for your reference, let's try to get rid of them.

Bad habits for sleeping

Posture when sleeping

If condition permits, try not to sleep at the desk, which needs to bend over the waist and spine. Commonly, most people may suffer from a short blurred vision cause that sleep posture makes eyeballs pressed. The eye pressure would be too higher to keep good eyesight if the eyeballs are pressed every day.

Not cleansing before bed

The dust floating in the air and makeup would greatly damage the skin if they can’t be cleaned thoroughly and patiently. Acne, inflammation of the skin, and eyes are common diseases.

Not brushing teeth before bed

It’s more important to brush the teeth before bed than brushing the teeth after getting up. Because the bacteria inside teeth would become more active when people are sleeping, which would decay teeth.


We need enough high-quality sleep, but sleeping in would cause understanding, memory, and immunity loss. Below is the scientific sleeping time for your reference:

Suggestions for sleeping duration


Highly recommended

Under 13 years old

9~17 hours

14~17 years old

8~10 hours

18~64 years old

7~9 hours

More than 64 years old


Bad habits for eating

Skipping breakfast

Researches have shown the gallstones are closely related to an empty stomach for a long time. Choline inside bile can help to lower the cholesterol. However, the choline content would be less on an empty stomach. As time goes by, the gallstones would be produced by saturated cholesterol.

Losing belt

The pressure inside enterococci would decrease at the moment of losing the belt a meal. The load of the organs would increase, which may cause gastroptosis, etc.

Sleeping at once after a meal

After a meal, it’s best to take a walk inside or outside. Sleeping after a meal would reduce gastrointestinal motility, which is not helpful for the small intestine to absorb and the fat would accumulate.


Overeating often may cause excess fat, especially at dinner. Also, overeating would make us think slowly to handle emergencies.

Too much salty or greasy food

Too much salty food would accumulate much NA inside our body, we need to drink lots of water to dilute them. But this would increase the burden of the organs and even cause water intoxication if the peeing and sweating can’t help to discharge the extra salt.

Too much greasy food would cause fat, high blood pressure, high blood fat, and high blood glucose.

 Bad behavior habit

Having legs crossed

Making our legs crossed would affect the blood circulation in the body. And this action would make diseases worse for people who have got varicosity, arthritis, and neuralgia.

Rubbing eyes optionally

The eyes would be infected by the bacteria from hand when rubbing the eyes, which would cause kinds of inflammation. Regardless of who you are, find

issues you need to know about eye protection

Taking a too long time for a shower

Excessive water vapor would cause an oxygen-deprived brain, the skin cuticle damaged and skin dry. Usually, 15 minutes is the best time to take a shower.

A full bladder

A usual full bladder would make the bladder to bear overload of urine. People may suffer from urinary incontinence with time goes by, which cause great inconvenience in our daily life.

Regarding the above bad habits, I do hope we can adjust and improve for a healthy life.


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