Wearing wigs: 5 Things I Wish I Knew

For many years, I have worn wigs nonstop. I still remember how unsettling wigs were when I began my life's journey. Wigs are a fantastic tool in our arsenal of cosmetic supplies. But unlike makeup, we didn't learn how to make wigs appear realistic from our mothers or friends as we grew up. Instead, many of us begin our wig journey from scratch and, most frequently, alone. I am aware of the daunting nature of that from personal experience.

Wigs are daunting because they are unfamiliar. Wigs are not as tricky, problematic, or taboo as I had anticipated. I've discovered many things over the years that I wish someone had shared with me.

These are 5 things I wish I had known when I started wearing wigs.

Wigs are not as complicated, complex, or forbidden. Here are many of the things I've learned:

Wearing wigs

There could be trial and error.

Comparing wigs to swimming suits, wigs come in various sizes and may differ from person to person. We've all had the embarrassing experience of trying on several bathing suits to find the one that fits nicely and looks good, so I enjoy this analogy.

Even if it's uncommon to consult before buying a swimsuit, I highly recommend it when looking for wigs. Many of us are aware of our ideal wig appearance. We want it to be comfortable, to fit us well, and to have a particular style, length, and color. A consultation can help because the issue is that we don't fully comprehend the inventory selections that might best suit our requirements. Because some trial and error occur just through talking, having a virtual consultation decreases the amount of trial and error.

However, if you purchase wigs without first seeing a stylist, be sure to take your measurements! Like clothing, wigs have measurements. I always check the size chart before placing an order for clothing online. Even then, dimensions don't necessarily reveal everything about how something will lie or whether the cut is attractive. The same applies to wigs. We wish to get wigs that properly fit our face shape and head circumference.
I discovered this the hard way early in my wig experience when I started purchasing wigs based solely on their appearance in stock photos. I didn't care if the wig was small, medium, or enormous. I also anticipated that the length would fall on me where it did on the stock photo model. I have a long face. Thus, I had no idea that facial shapes also had proportions! I discovered that it's crucial to match the proportions of your face to the hair length measures given in product descriptions. For me, a 12″ wig is almost chin length due to the length of my face. Depending on the size of the wearer's face, a 12″ wig may be shoulder-length.

You will look different.

As soon as I put on my wig, I wanted to give it back since it “didn't feel like me.” One of my all-time favorite human hair wigs is this one right now. I imagine if someone saw me wearing a wig, they would think well of it. But at first, all I could think was that there was just too much hair.

This is typical when we start our wig adventure. Because we spend so much time looking in the mirror, we get used to seeing ourselves with thin hair or a unique appearance. When you first put a wig on, you might think it has “too much hair” and looks unnatural.
Remembering your motivation for wearing wigs during this time is crucial. There was always some aspect of your appearance that you wished to be different, whether it was your sense of style or thinning hair. Because we have a narrow frame of reference for how we look, we frequently have a distorted initial perception of a wig. Give yourself some time to get acclimated to this new look before making a snap decision about a wig.

Whether your hair is real or fake, it doesn't matter.

When I first started wearing wigs, I recall worrying about other people's thoughts. It's normal to be cautious about our differences and how others will view them. In actuality, though, wearing wigs is not as stigmatized as it once was. The majority of celebs with hair that we adore are wearing wigs. Some are highly public about wearing wigs to be open and encourage body positivity.
In actuality, nobody is concerned with the naturalness of my hair. My husband enjoys having a wife that can change colors. Strangers that inquire do so out of admiration for my hair and a desire for a comparable answer. My family is ecstatic with the self-assurance and delight these beauty products have provided me. Everyone who knows that I wear wigs has generally had excellent feedback.

Wig appearance

Don’t Limit Yourself

Consider your objectives for the journey before you start searching for wigs. You only need to look after yourself! Do it if you want to change how you look for the better. Do people even notice? Probably. However, they would also notice if you visited a salon for a significant hair makeover. It doesn't matter if the change in your hair comes from a box or because occasionally, we could all use a change. Thanks to wigs, we can change our appearance in only a few minutes. If we choose, we can change how we appear several times a day.

Don’t Forget About the Maintenance

Although a synthetic wig is initially less expensive than a human hair wig, a human hair wig will last a lot longer. The overall cost of wearing a wig every day is comparable to the cost of wearing a fiber style.

The upkeep is significantly different. Like bio hair, a human wig is susceptible to moisture and humidity. A human hair wig requires styling after each wash. If you are trapped in the rain or humidity, it will also affect your style. On the other hand, a synthetic wig requires far less upkeep. A synthetic wig's styling is woven into the strands, making humidity and moisture less likely to affect it negatively.
Your synthetic wig will quickly resume its original shape after drying on a rainy day. It's considerably easier to “wash and go” with synthetic hair.

So, consider how it will fit into your lifestyle while purchasing a wig. Do you intend to switch up your look frequently and require something adaptable? In that case, a curly or straightenable human hair wig would be ideal. A synthetic wig, however, is for you if you prefer a simple, low-maintenance method of having nicely styled hair with no effort!
Although wearing wigs could appear ominous, this is just because it is a new phenomenon. You'll pick up some helpful hints and tricks as you move along with your wig journey. So give yourself the grace and compassion to do so. When you get there, you'll see a fantastic world where hair quickly becomes your new favorite accessory in place of other items!

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