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The cruises stop sailing currently due to the global epidemic that had a great impact on cruise travel. However, a luxury cruise sailing is one of the most desirable methods to stay with family, friends, and lovers. There are lots of entertainments you are expecting. When the coronavirus gets over, why not have a cruise sailing? Today, we will recommend one of the top luxury cruises worldwide.

Silver Sea

Silver Sea is awarded as the greatest cruise annually. Created by the Le Brouf family, Rome, Italy in 1994, this top-level cruise brand takes up 25% of the global luxury cruise market. As a recognized creator of a luxury cruise, it focuses on the most private and lavish around-the-world voyage to provide top-end services for the passengers. With its one-price all-inclusive style and incomparable supplies from famous luxury brands all over the world, it is the synonym of “ultra-luxury cruise”.

Vessel Silver Shadow

In 2000, Silver sea-launched a new cruise named Silver Shadow. 74,000 tons of private space on a cruise ship and the private suite’s smallest room even having 27㎡ makes it become one of the most excellent building standards for a cruise. The large space with luxury interior lets tourists enjoy high-quality service. Aside from 302 workers&service staff (excluding the captain), The maximum passenger capacity is 382. The proportion of passenger and worker&service staff is 1.26:1. That means 1.26 worker&service staff could provide service for 1 tourist on averagely.

Luxury facilities for the suite

Besides the basal facilities, Silver Shadow also has champagne, Parma detergent, an Italian marble bathroom, cocktail cooler, personalized stationery, fresh fruits every day.

Multi-functional facilities

4 restaurants, indoor and outdoor terrace coffee lounge, panoramic sea view lounge, elegant restaurant, Davidoff cigar bar, multifunctional exhibition lounge, Venetian theater, leisure casino, bar, meeting room, chess room, sightseeing room, fashion boutique, SPA salon, and fitness center, a library of various books and DVDs, a computer room, an outdoor swimming pool, two massage pools, a consultation reception, and five-passenger elevators.

Special service

Complimentary brand champagne, room service twice a day, complimentary cosmetics, linen sheets, comfortable and luxurious pillows, plush bathrobes and slippers, personalized stationery, Schott crystal glasses, Christofle silverware.

Tourists staying in Royal, Luxurious, Rosili in the master suites of Niche can get free full-time butler service. And tourists staying in the Silver Sea, Royal, Luxury, Rossellini, and master suites can also get free valet service and appetizer lunch under the pancakes.

Special Routine

For many travel enthusiasts, you must aspire to take the Silver Sea Cruise to Galapagos where there are lots of rare animals and feel the great creativity of nature. It is the most distinctive route among all the routines of the Silver Sea. Additionally, Silver Sea takes the passengers to experience the Kimberley Coast, West Africa, Russian Far East route(Sakhalin Island, Bering Strait), North, and South Pole routes. Antarctica is one of the Top Must-Visit Luxury Travel Destinations of 2020. They try to arrange the routines that other cruises can’t arrive, providing tourists both luxury entertainment and unique scenery.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, many people ask whether cruise sailing is safe for them, especially there have been several reports saying some people are transmitted by the virus during the trip. And some cruises even were not permitted to dock at the port of other countries, only floating on the sea. The situation of COVID-19 in some countries is still very serious. If you are planning to start a cruise sailing, we don’t recommend unless you have checked the routine is safe first and make sure they have arranged perfect epidemic prevention measures in case of any emergency.

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