Louis Vuitton’s New Collection Comes in Japan And China

Louis Vuittons New Collection Comes in Japan & China

Louis Vuitton for the first time has taken its men’s fashion collection on the road with the show in Japan and China instead of Paris. The well-known name's American fashion designer Virgil Abloh said that the spring 2021 Louis Vuitton brand collection will be disclosed in Shanghai on August 6 and in Japan a while later.

The Abloh has added that Both men’s fashion and spring 2021 collection will be live-streamed because of the corona pandemic as well as open to the general public.

And the quintessentially French luxury Maison has announced during Paris Fashion Week Online, where as opposed to launching a Spring/Summer 2021 fashion collection video like most different brands, Louis Vuitton also teased the start of a new heading using an animated excursion.

In his limit-pushing style the brand's creative director of menswear, Virgil Abloh, discharged a short video that opens with movers clad in pastel blue overalls, with a bandana face mask and coordinating drawstring gloves at Louis Vuitton's familial Asnières home.

What Do We Know So Far?

What Do We Know So Far

The “Message in a Bottle”, is a first in a progression of teaser films, shows a character called “Zoooom” and his companions getting together cartons at luxury brand Vuitton's headquarters on the edge of the French capital and putting them on a freight ship on the River Seine before waving them off on their excursion to the Far East.

Moreover, the news revealed that the latest men’s summer/spring 2021 collection runway show will take place in Shanghai on 6th August 2020. And also it will observe a stamped endeavor at sustainability. A general theme of the menswear collection is upcycling and will be investigated in four different ways: the presentation of new manifestations produced using reused materials, the re-presentation of looks from fall/winter 2020, looks unreservedly made by the studio during Paris' lockdown utilizing reused materials, lastly, new looks got from previously existing thoughts.

However, it is not the final destination. The Louis Vuitton journey further set to proceed to Tokyo for another show. It may place in additional stops all through the journey from Paris to Shanghai and afterward to Tokyo.

Therefore, you do have to wait for a month to know the latest collection. Although, what we can be sure of is that ‘Zooom with companions' will appear as a major aspect of this luxury brand, showing the kid like guiltlessness and decent variety that have been common in Abloh's manifestations for Louis Vuitton up until now.

What’s Future Holds?

What’s Future Holds

As per some estimates, Asia is becoming the next big luxury brands’ market, alongside China alone prone to represent almost 50% of deals by 2025. But, the fashion business has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. A few organizations including Brooks Brothers, J.Crew, and more have petitioned for financial protection, while the eventual fate of fashion has gone virtual and digital.

Although, The Louis Vuitton pop-up store technique has been a triumph for the worldwide fashion house. The pop-up stores are taking the retail world across Asia by storm. Recently, the Louis Vuitton Men's new Artistic Director, Virgil Abloh’s debut collection, appeared in a pop-store in Harajuku (Japan). Running over only three weeks from tenth January until 31st January, the store exploited Tokyo's clamoring pop up society and style region to speak to a popular, millennial crowd.

The luxury brands will progressively concentrate on millennials and those looking for encounters, while simultaneously ensure their brand legacy and remaining on top in the ever-changing design industry. Pop up stores offer brands an amazing chance to draw in with this very crowd while giving them the innovative opportunity to characterize their personality inside the retail scene.

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