How to Share Your Wig Secret With Others.

Many people are reluctant to share their wig secrets with others because they want to keep their privacy. However, if you're a wig wearer, you might want to share your secret with others.

This is because wearing a wig can be an empowering experience. It can help women feel more confident and less vulnerable. To help others feel empowered in the same way, sharing your secret will help them feel less embarrassed about wearing wigs!

There are a few ways that you can go about sharing your secret.

Wigs secrets


Do you have a wig on? For many people wearing wigs, this is a question they fear being asked, and getting it unexpectedly might make you feel awkward. In addition to being a technique to conceal any balding, thinning, or hair loss, wigs are also a source of confidence for many people. They are an extension of your personality.

It may startle you when asked, “Is that your actual hair?” especially if you're a novice wig wearer. Human hair or synthetic wigs can look entirely natural on men and women.

Here, we'll go over five ways to react to the question “Are you wearing a wig?” to help you overcome your anxiety about it.

1. “Yeah, that's my hair.” Isn't it gorgeous?

Be sure to answer with assurance when someone asks, “Is that your genuine hair?” You should feel good about your wig! Even though most people don't mean to seem harsh when they inquire about your hair, it sometimes does. Yes, that is my hair, you can say with assurance. Is it not lovely?

Anything you purchase, such as a car, a phone, or clothing, becomes yours. It's your hair; the same goes for your wig! You took time selecting the design, length, color, wig cap structure, and whether you wanted a synthetic or human hair wig. Be proud of your wig since it makes you appear fantastic.

2. “What brings you here to ask?”

If the individual asking the question is a close friend or member of your family, you can find out their motivations by questioning them. They probably think your wig looks terrific and natural! They could be astonished that you're wearing a wig or might have noticed a recent change in your haircut. People can occasionally just be curious to learn that you wear a wig because it's not a subject that is frequently discussed. They might even ask for recommendations on where you purchased the wig.

If a stranger or a coworker is inquiring, you can decide how you want to respond. You may joke about it and brush the matter off, or you could be more honest and state that they unexpectedly asked an intimate question.

Wig secrets

3. “Yes, I am, and this is why…”

If you feel comfortable enough, you can react by saying, “sure, and here's why…” depending on who asked you such a sensitive question, whether they are a family member, friend, coworker, or stranger. You might describe how you feel wearing your wig and how it offers you security and confidence as you go about your day.

You don't need to tell them the history of your natural hair; after all, it's your wig and hair, and you get to lead the conversation. Remember that you don't have to explain yourself to anyone, and you're not required to tell your tale unless you want to.

4. “Why, that's a delicate question…”

Some individuals might not understand how sensitive and private it is to ask someone if they use a wig. Additionally, it could be a distressing reminder of how you lost your hair. Why not propose that they appreciate your hair instead of asking, “Is that your genuine hair?” which might come across as a very unpleasant and hurtful inquiry. If you compliment someone's hair by saying, “I adore your hair!” or “how do you style your hair?” you can ask them if they wear a wig in a relaxed and open manner.

5. ‘What wig?’

You can always turn around and ask the person who questioned you, “Are you wearing a wig?” or “What wig?!” if they are a stranger or someone who has no business asking you that question. Most likely, this remark will place them in an embarrassing predicament that you can laugh off, or they'll realize they asked a terrible question and apologize!

People typically detect wigs for one of three reasons: the wig is too flawless, has too much volume, or doesn't want to move your head around much.

Enjoy wearing it, walk around with assurance, and try not to worry when others question you if you are wearing a wig. Make the fun of your wedding by sharing your wig secret with friends and family.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Alternatively, why not peruse our gorgeous collections if you're in the market for a brand-new wig and feeling confident!

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