Thin hair isn’t really a big problem as long as you have this list of lovely short hairstyles for fine hair. We know all about the latest hair trends (balayage, rose gold, and neon or pastel coloring being among them), and most of the example pictures posted on each one feature long, full hair that are able to use volume to their advantage. That makes it a bit discouraging for those of us with thin or short hair. So, to prove that there are amazing short hairstyles for thin or fine hair, we have compiled this list of 9 adorable and fierce short hairstyles for women in 2018!

1. Pixie Haircuts For Busy Mornings
Believe it or not, pixie haircut can actually change your life for the better. How? Well, they take minutes to get it styled. Just try to remember how many times you came late just because something went wrong while you tried to get your hair done. Yes, the longer your hair, the more troubles it can bring sometimes. Once you cut your hair short, you will get rid of such problems, as pixies are the easiest haircuts to style. If you think that pixies are too short to do something with them, you are completely wrong. Besides the diversity of its types, there are many length variations of pixies, so there’s just no way you will find it boring. You can opt for a short textured pixie cut, a neat pixie with a clear hairline, or a classic pixie. It’s all up to you! Based on your lifestyle, you can get a hairstyle that will make you feel happier in the mornings.

2. Pixie Cuts For Business Ladies
Short haircuts for women can be in handy at any time. The majority of women don’t even try to diversify their formal style. And we don’t know the exact reason, as it’s actually not so hard! We know that business women look for convenience in their style, and sometimes they just forget to add some femininity to it. Actually, a pixie cut is something that can sort things out. Just look at the pictures: the long pixie cut with bangs creates a totally stunning formal look. Plus, pixies know the value of time, as well as business ladies. If you are a self-made woman that is confident enough to open your face, you should call your hairstylist and ask for a pixie right now! Trust us, your hair is a worthwhile investment.

3. The Best Mom Pixie Cuts
Even though our kids can be troublesome sometimes, there are no words to describe how much we love them. And when it comes to child-rearing, we all have to sacrifice something to give our kids the needed attention. Obviously, most women sacrifice with their hairstyle: there’s just no time to do something more than a ponytail. What if we tell you that you can be the best mom without any sacrifices? As you might have understood, a short pixie cut knows how to save your time. How do you like these pictures? These girls look so fancy! How about you to look that cool? A pixie cut with side swept bangs is the most versatile thing mommies usually opt for: it can perfectly frame your face, creating a totally new silhouette to your hair. Yes, it’s hard enough to be a mom, but it doesn’t mean it’s hard to be a beautiful mom.

4. Pixies That Are Perfect For Travelling
When the long-awaited trip is just around the corner, you are fully equipped, as you’ve planned everything in advance. You take care of every single detail: from the clothes and accessories to the places you want to visit. How about your hairstyle? For the sake of time, the last detail that you should include in your travel list is a pixie cut with bangs. With this haircut you will visit all the places you planned: you don’t have to focus on your hair, as it won’t take a lot of time to get it done. You can focus on your trip, isn’t that the thing your holiday needs? If you want to visit some theatres or fancy restaurants, the only thing you need to take is your hair waver: just a couple of minutes and your evening hairstyle is ready to impress everyone.

5. Pixie For Sports Lovers
It seems that very short pixie cuts were made for those who are into sports. This haircut keeps your locks away from your face, so nothing can interrupt you during your exercises. No wonder that sports lovers opt for short haircuts: they combine stylishness and convenience. Just imagine: you’re about to go for a run, but a windy weather does its best to loosen your hair. Sounds terrible, right? Well, the women you see on these pictures can let themselves forget about such troubles. Of course, feeling comfortable is important, but it’s also essential to always feel that you look stunning: these pixie cuts are a twofer you are looking for.

6. Attractive Pixie For Parties
Now it’s time to talk about evening looks. Do you know what is the main advantage of your short hair? You can wear your favorite large earrings that long hair would hide. Also, you have a wonderful opportunity to open the most adorable parts of your body: your shoulders and clavicles. It’s a myth that girls with short haircuts look less feminine, and the photos above are the proofs. How do you like a messy pixie cut? When it’s embellished with side swept bangs it looks just unforgettable. A beautiful evening dress with posh earrings and pixie cut: this is how modern fairytales look like.

7. Pixie For Romantic Dates
Don’t panic if you don’t know how you want to look at your special date. Of course, you want to make a good impression, but don’t forget to be yourself. As for your hair, leave it all up to pixies. If you feel insecure about your face shape, or you afraid that your hair type will let you down: pixie cuts for thick hair and round faces are essential for you to try. These pictures show you that you can sport your pixie in a romantic way: wavy bangs, braids, and accessories can make you look as girly as never before. Girl with round faces should try the first variant, as it can make your face appear longer, framing it in an amazing way. And girls who don’t want their fine hair to let them down can opt for a pixie with a front braid. See? Pixies rule the world!

8. Extravagant Ladies’ Style
Always being in the spotlight is the privilege of ladies with pixies! The shorter your hair is, the more eyes you catch. And when your pixie is dyed different colors, it literally blows people’s minds. The point is, it’s time to mix the most outrageous, unusual and saturated hair colors: your hair changes must be as bright as possible. Let everyone see what a bold and bright person you are and don’t be shy to steal one of these looks! The multi-colored tomboy pixie, light purple pixie, and classic neat pixie will be a perfect reflection of who you are.

9. Cool Haircut After A Breakup
Now it’s all about starting over. No more tears, no more doubts, only stylish life changes will sort things out. Do you want to get out of your breakup situation with dignity? Well, farewell to your long hair: a brand new pixie cut is about to make you as hotter and attractive as never before. Every girl knows that there’s no better way to put bad things behind than getting a new stunning haircut. Just look at these girls: these brushed up pixie, sleek wet one, and wavy pixie with side fringe will make guys regret losing you!

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