45 Short Hairstyles for Women with Thin Hair

Thin hair isn’t really a big problem as long as you have this list of lovely short hairstyles for fine hair. We know all about the latest hair trends (balayage, rose gold, and neon or pastel coloring being among them), and most of the example pictures posted on each one feature long, full hair that are able to use volume to their advantage. That makes it a bit discouraging for those of us with thin or short hair. So, to prove that there are amazing short hairstyles for thin or fine hair, we have compiled this list of 55 adorable and fierce short hairstyles for women!

1. Long Bob with Balayage
With this shoulder-length hairstyle, you don’t have to cut your hair too short, and the layers can work to bring out some natural volume in your hair, even if it generally falls on the flat side. You don’t need to cut all of your tresses off to have a cute short haircut, especially if you’re working with balayage. This way you can look great, keep some length, and utilize one of the hottest hair trends of the moment.

2. Rocker Chic Pixie for Fine Hair
Styling a pixie cut up and away from the head takes it from being sweet to hot. You’re manually adding volume to your hairstyle, plus you get the added short-hair bonus of immediately rocking nearly any color you’d want to try out. There’s just something about short hairstyles that allows for daring color choices, but you can also just keep it simple with natural hair colors too.

3. Silver Pixie Cut for Thin Hair
This is the classic pixie cut, but in a daring dusty blue silver. With the hair so short in the back, this is a hairstyle ideal for women with fine hair, as the shortness allows for some natural volume, plus the unique, metallic color will elevate your style; the color works with both formal and edgy short hairstyles as well.

4. Two-Toned Pixie Cut
This is another classic styling of a pixie cut, but this time with a blue-tinted white color, atop a brown base. Keeping a neutral, yet still unnatural color like this helps you stand out while not being too loud. The color is just neutral enough to not take all of the attention, so you have a bit of flexibility there.

5. Purple, Rose Gold, and Asymmetrical Long Pixie
This edgy haircut has a very short cut on one side and a wavy, longer cut on the other. The mix of purple and rose gold hair colors is super trendy, and the edgy cut gives it an even more unique flair. The lightener works as an ombre effect, with light tips and deep roots. No matter what angle you look at this hair from, you’re getting a beautiful view.

6. Straight Flat Cut
Short hairstyles for thin hair don’t all have to be about fabricating volume. This smooth, pixie length haircut adds a little bit of volume, sure, but it’s not required to pull the style off. The grey hair is right on trend, and looks stunning as a highlight to the black base. This is a chic hairstyle that will do well with any style you wish to rock.

7. Platinum Balayage Bob for Thin Hair
Platinum blonde can be a huge hit or miss, but when styled correctly, as with this bob, you’re going to have a huge success. It’s a great hairstyle for fine hair, since it’s so easy to add in some volume, and before you know it you’ll have a head of fun, bouncy hair to wear this summer. This is another hairstyle that can look sweet or edgy, depending on what you want to wear with it.

8. Pink Tipped Pixie Cut
The cut of this short hairstyle is edgy, and is reminiscent of Miley Cyrus’s iconic pixie cut. Adding in the light pink tips sweetens things up, so it cuts into that harsher vibe, and also helps with versatility; pink can be edgy too, so you can still pull off your favorite rocker looks, but a cute black dress would look just as fabulous.

9. Cotton Candy Pink Bob for Thin Hair
This short hairstyle, minus the color, is totally classic and simple. Lightly curled with the straight across bangs, the only thing that could have possibly made this look any sweeter would have been to add a cotton candy color to it, which is what was done here. So with this total style, you’d be getting classic beauty with some trendy sweetness, from the candy colored hair.

10. Edgy Platinum Pixie Cut
This is another asymmetrical pixie haircut, so its nature is edgy already; the nearly silver platinum blonde coloring just adds a new dimension of edge to it. Shaved on the side, you’re also getting a bit of utility in there for the summer, because who doesn’t love that feeling of a breeze hitting your skin, like when your hair is pulled back? This will give you that feeling all the time.

11. Bright Pink Curls for Fine Hair
This bubblegum pink short hairstyle is vibrant and sweet, with cute and fun curls falling above the neck. Pictured here you see the sweet braid pulling the bangs back is a fun addition to the hair, as it works particular well for women with thinner hair, to add in some of that desired volume. Plus, short hair doesn’t generally allow for braids, and this style shows you that they can come just as easily.

12. Hello Kitty Unicorn Hair
Put into words, this short hairstyle sounds way too girly for its own good, but it’s actually rather edgy when all is said and done. With the upward styling of the short hair, it’s almost being styled into a wide faux hawk, even giving the image of flames. Hair tattoos are totally hot today, so why not add in the recognizable cat everybody knows and loves?

13. Fiery Red Pixie Cut for Fine Hair
When you hear the word fiery, you might expect a vibrant unnaturally red color. Here, however, we mean fiery in relation to a fire’s embers; this hair color features earthy, naturally based tones of red to heat up the classic pixie cut, mixing orange and red in a deep way to evoke the most robust color. The color still isn’t a natural one for hair, though, so you don’t need to worry about roots and your hair will speak for itself.

14. Fiery Red Unruly Hair for Thin Hair
This is what you would probably first think of when you hear of a fiery redhead. As you can see in this image, this is a color that works beautifully against paler skin, and even more so with pale blue eyes. The way this hair is styled is an organized disaster. So don’t be fooled by how carefree it looks, placing the hair just right will take some time and effort.

15. Straight, Shoulder Length Cut
You can’t get any simpler than straight, honey blonde shoulder-length hair. With long bangs sweeping to the side, this is a more recent look, but a classic one all the same. It is versatile, and easy to pull off, as it’s not a very short look, so you can still pull it back to get it away from your face and neck. The brown to blonde highlights just make it more sun kissed and lovely.

16. Layered Shoulder Length Cut
This warm brown, short haircut features a light ombre, down to a deep blonde at the tips, so this style will give you a cute multicolored look, without bringing in any extreme colors. This is particularly useful when your profession doesn’t allow for abstract colors or cuts. It’s interesting enough to be desirable, but not crazy enough to draw too much attention.

17. Beachy Blonde Short Hairstyle for Thin Hair
This short haircut has a bright blonde at the tips and a warm brown at the roots, blended well so as not to make the roots stand out too much. Blonde hair is always a nice bet for thin hair, as it’s often a rather dainty shade. This shade of blonde is casual, but when styled in an updo, it can easily be transformed into something that calls for more formality.

18. Side Twin Braids for Fine Hair
This style is actually a variant of the short haircut in #23. After a few weeks of growing out, these cute braids can be achieved. These make for a cute, sporty look either for your workouts or for everyday wear. Such braids can only be achieved by having thin and short hair, so they are a great styling if your hair falls into that category.

19. Purple-Grey Short Bob
This bob is super short, and its compact nature keeps things classy and chic. The purple grey color created here is interesting while remaining subdued, so it would be easy to muss up to become edgy, depending on your own styling preferences for each day. This is one of the greatest short hairstyles for people with thin hair, because it brings it all into one location, and allows it to become naturally voluminous.

20. Classic Blonde Pixie for Thin Hair
This is another classic pixie haircut, but in a boyish shape. With the sharp lines of the tips and the messy, yet compact mass of hair on top, the overall styling of this short haircut is a bit masculine, and the blonde pulls in a bit of femininity, but with today’s ambiguous styling between male and female fashion and beauty, it doesn’t over-feminize the whole hairstyle.

21. Pastel Purple Short Haircut
This short hairstyle is characterized by a haunting shade of pastel purple, which errs on the side of being iridescent. Mussing it up like in this picture allows for a totally casual appearance, and you’ll be looking totally cute with this apparent pixie length haircut. By smoothing out the hair, there’s no doubt that you could make this look work for any occasion.

22. Uneven Pixie Haircut
With this look, the base of the head is shaved all the way around, with a short pixie cut on top, actually becoming a very short bowl cut, of sorts. The uneven trim of the tips of this short hairstyle makes the shape chic. The two-toned shades of white-blonde over the brunette shaved base look great, and the overall style is very reminiscent of Miley Cyrus’s ‘do.

23. Airy Blonde Short Cut for Thin Hair
The length of this cut is above the shoulders, but far below the ears, so it is a longer style. This is a look that will be great with finer hair, since volume would ruin the integrity of the cut. Plus, fine blonde hair is always a stunning sight, especially when styled so loosely and lovely as this. This is a more simple hairstyle for short and thin hair, plus it’s really easy to wear.

24. Brown to Blonde Pulled Back Hair
Long, full ponytails are beautiful and everything like that, but there’s just something so cute and chic about thin, short ponytails too. When your hair is just long enough to fit well into a ponytail, it leaves an adorable length at the back, and the rest of your head is left sleek with the pulled back strands; this area of this overall hairstyle is a warm brown, leaving all of the blonde in the ponytail.

25. Puffed Up Pixie Haircut
This is a fun hairstyle that only takes some teasing and know how to get into proper place. This is a style that manually adds some volume into a pixie cut, in a way that is reminiscent of the pop rock singer P!nk. So this is a fierce yet glamorous possibility for a side-shaved pixie cut.

26. Shoulder-Length Silver Short Hair
This hairstyle is simple, and doesn’t require extensive styling beyond a simple flatiron job, because it has so much beauty in the natural way it falls down above the shoulders. It’s a casual style, but can easily be glamorous for any formal occasions. Tossing it back in a ponytail or bun would be an easy way to dress this short hairstyle up for a wedding or other event this summer.

27. Long, Side-Swept Bob
This balayage colored bob is a great short hairstyle for thin hair. Its layers add in some volume, and the length isn’t too short to be pulled back into a simple ponytail, or even for small braids for a sporty look. This is a glamorous styling, with warm brown hair being highlighted by the white-blonde. It is a not-too-short, versatile hairstyle with long bangs to the side; a classic style.

28. Blonde Highlighted Pixie Cut
This is another great classic short haircut for thin hair, because the colors are layered on, which gives an illusion of having even more volume than even what the cut itself gives. This is a sweet iteration of a pixie, because it does such a good job at framing the face, especially when the wearer has such large eyes, as in this picture.

29. Voluminous Platinum Layered Stack
This is a very short hairstyle in the back, which transitions into a long cut at the front. The real charm of this style is the luscious pop of pink that peeks from the tips of the hair. This icy color is stunning, especially during the summer, and is right on trend with the hairstyles of the moment. Short hairstyles that feature hot trends are stunning on their own level.

30. Mussy Silver Pixie Cut for Thin Hair
Sometimes the most tedious short haircuts are the ones that have each strand styled in a somewhat unruly way. It definitely adds some character to the classic short haircut, and makes its own beauty, and in this case even more so, due to its beautiful silver-blonde shade, which is laid over a beautiful brown.
a href=”http://www.uamazed.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/short_hairstyles_for_thin_fine_hair_women38.jpg”>

31. Sleek Blonde Pixie Cut
Then again, sleekly placed hair for pixie haircuts is totally chic. Short pixie hairstyles are so easy to keep in place, so this is an easygoing style for the summer. While thin hair tends to flip flop between falling flat and frizzing up when it gets hot or humid out, so you may need to use a bit of extra product to ensure your hair stays like this for your day out.

32. Simple and Side-Swept Longer Blonde Cut
This is a longer style, in terms of short hairstyles for fine hair, and is an easy style for many women to pull off. The brown overlaid with platinum blonde is what makes this a special cut that’s a bit harder to pull off for a large group. This is a common cut with a gorgeous color that elevates it. It is inherently a casual style, but would be easy to bring up for a more formal outcome.

33. Blonde Buzzed and Beautiful
A very short haircut, this is a harder one for a lot of people to pull off, but the blonde is so stunning here, and the result is actually very chic. Generally a masculine cut, in order to bring femininity into this short hairstyle, you’ll have to rely on your natural features, your makeup and beauty, and the clothes that you wear each day.

34. Top Knotted Shoulder-Length Blonde Cut
Half-up top knots are totally cute, especially when styled with cute hair pins or accessories. This ombre-effect color goes from a mix of brown and blonde at the roots to a delicate blonde at the tips. Between the knot and the color, this overall hairstyle is right on trend for summer, and will look stunning with a bohemian outfit.

35. Balayage-Colored Shoulder-Length Haircut
Wavy hair and summer just go hand in hand, and this iteration pulls a good deal of the hair to one side, adding a lovely sense of imbalance, that all comes together thanks to the balayage highlights. The color is a natural, classic highlight duo, so you’re bringing in some great trends into this hairstyle without the addition of unordinary colors that may not be wanted by everyone.

36. Layered Silver and Blonde Hairstyle for Fine Hair
This short hairstyle is perfectly layered, with each strand placed in a pristine location, creating even layers and a great deal of balance. The two tones of silver and blonde blend seamlessly together, which allows the two colors to harmonize. You can clearly see the differences between the two colors if you look, but at a glance it appears as a luminous hue.

37. Side-Swept Long Bob
Deep brown is a stunning color all year long (and I’m not just saying that because I’m a brunette, myself!); a shade like this, almost becoming black, is rather unspoken in the hair trends of today, with lighter tones being favored for summer and just in general. This long bob with classic side-swept bangs is definitely an exception, and reminds us that brown hair can be just as trendy.

38. White Hair with a Top Knot
Top knots have been a slightly messy, stylish trend in recent years. When knotted up like in this picture, it even has some practicality for busy (or lazy!) women, because it can mask oily hair when it catches up to you. Here with the white hair, though, it just adds to the iciness of the overall look; and will be a chilling reminder this summer when the weather gets too hot.

39. Smokey White Short Haircut for Thin Hair
In this image, you have two possible hairstyles for this type of cut: one braid and one loose. The loose style shows how free and luscious even fine hair can look with this haircut, with the side being buzzed and the top being simply styled. The braid serves to show that even short hair like this can be braided like thick strands, even giving the visual of being longer.

40. Wavy, Mini Bob
I call this a mini bob because it falls the same way as a standard bob, but falls quite a bit shorter. In a messy blonde with brown underneath, the length is almost that of a bowl cut, but the waves and shorter bangs offset that. This whole hairstyle is rather beachy, because of its messy waves, and you’re getting the boyish look on top of that.

41. Party Braided Blonde Bob for Fine Hair
In a light, icy blonde, this partially up bob is super cute, especially for summer. The small braids are loose and look natural when blended into this non-highlighted blonde hair. Messy short hairstyles are great, especially for long summer days out, because you don’t always have to be worrying about what your thin hair looks like all day.

42. A Ray of Platinum Bob
Side swept bobs are an excellent way of rocking short hairstyles for thin hair – they bring all the volume to the front, where the face needs framing, and are eternally chic. Extra volume makes an appearance in this hairstyle thanks to fantastic coloring. The roots were kept dark, and then a transition to dark blonde occurs. In the center of the hair, a ray of platinum runs, to really create a mirror like, voluminous effect.

43. Mauve and Blonde Volumized Pixie
There are so many different elements that make this a perfect short haircut for thin hair. To start with, dyeing the roots a darker mauve color creates the illusion that there is more hair. In the hair itself, the different shades of blonde create even more dimension and texture. Lastly, by keeping the top of this pixie cut longer, and brushing it up with a bit of mousse, the whole style seems lush, and voluminous.

44. Platinum Buzzcut
Haters can move straight to the back, because this buzzcut is all about being front and center. This is a truly fearless short hairstyle for women with thin hair, because it presents absolutely no illusions. It is simply austere and brave, with a bright and daring color.

45. Electric Blue Box Bob with Undercut
This is the kind of haircut that allows a lady to hide her inner badass when necessary. Bangs that rich mid-forehead are flattering to any face shape, and the closely shorn undercut is a great way of taking some of the trouble of navigating thin hair away. The electric blue shade chosen here is extremely flattering because it is so shiny, as well.

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