22 Best Hair Colors for Spring-Summer Season

Thinking about making a subtle or bold hair color change for the warmer months ahead? The spring and summer seasons are an excellent time for changing up one’s hair. We’ve scouted some of our favorite Instagram accounts to bring you 24 amazing spring and summer hair colors for the sunny days to come. So, whether you’re just taking a dip in the color pool, or going for a full dive into dimensional color — these hair color ideas ranging from natural-looking babylights to gorgeous pastel dye jobs — will make everyone take notice for all the right reasons!

2018 Spring-Summer Hair Colors
Today’s hair colors are nothing similar to what we wore before, however, there are certainly a couple of ever-lasting solutions. Here are cool ideas on beach summer hair, denim hair, mermaid hair, pastel waves, two-tone undercuts, white blonde locks, ice-blonde layers and more!

1: Soft Bronde Balayage

Highlights rooted in the natural color you were either born with, or just got inspiration from a baby you know (they have the best natural color, don’t they?). This coloring technique steps up lived-in, natural color.

2: Mermaid Hair

A rich dark base with bursts of color makes for killer mermaid hair. Long, luscious locks are all the rage this season mixed with pastel or neon hues perfectly blended to compliment your hair and skin color. Play with rich colors weaved-in throughout the length of your hair, or stick to color bursts towards the ends. Either way, mermaids don’t get to have all the fun!
Mermaid Hair

3: Go For Bold

Go for bold, rich colors! Try a vibrant red by bringing in a picture of your favorite celebrity to your colorist, or a swatch of your favorite red! Have your colorist try and match the color. Bright reds are no longer a thing to shy away from…girls in the know are running towards bold, rich color for spring and making it their own!
Go For Bold

4: Vivid Summer Color

The trend towards vibrant color isn’t winding down, so, indulge in glossy vivid hues like blues and every other color under the rainbow. Blend in subtle shades of highlights and lowlights for a look that’s customized to your tastes (and brow coloring!).
Vivid Summer Color

5: Iridescent Unicorn

Iridescent grey/purple manes are all over Insta for their magical and beautiful appeal. Look like you just stepped out of a fairytale with some grey-like magic this spring. This look is taking the silver trend to the next level and updating it for this season.
Iridescent Unicorn

6: Subtle Pastel

Seek a color specialist in your city to do soft transitional pastels. Play with shades based on your own natural color, or start with a fresh new palette of summer hair colors like this play on blush and copper.
Subtle Pastel

7: Alien Hair

This pink and purple mix is very sexy, so out there — you can call it alien hair. We love this alternative to pink summer hair. It’s so bad girl. Be prepared to cause a scene — well, isn’t that the point!
Alien Hair

8: POP of Color

Feeling noncommittal when it comes to color? Try a pop of color in a few strands to bring out your wild side for summer, or experiment with a bolder shade and go all the way!
 POP of Color

9: Caramel Honey Brown

A warm honey brown is gorgeous for summer. For natural brunettes, try adding dimension and warmth with subtle highlights in rich toffee browns, or even ashy blondes to frame the face and liven up olive skin tones. Even the tiniest addition of honey can warm up your skin and eye color.
Caramel Honey Brown

10: Nude Hair (AKA Neutral Blonde)

We saved the hottest trend — and the easiest to try — for the end! If you’re thinking about going blonde, try nude hair (also referred to as neutral blonde) as it suits every skin tone. Neutral blonde contains an equal amount of both warm and cool tones making it flattering for everyone and the easiest way to go blonde this spring and summer.
Nude Hair (AKA Neutral Blonde)

11: Blue Tips

Be the ultimate surf girl — or just look like one — with blue wave-y tips on the ends. Further emphasize your ocean-like color with ocean-like, voluminous waves! This is the ultimate in cool-girl chic.
Blue Tips

12: Blonde Blonde With Dark, Dark Roots

Coachella may be over by the time you read this, but the look still rules summer. Get that easy California-chic look with blonde hair and dark roots.
Blonde Blonde With Dark, Dark Roots

13: Denim Hair

All sorts of denim are on the runway, and denim is definitely getting more sophisticated. If you like to wear blue, consider a pastel blue hair hue that will fit into the spectrum of your summer blues. No need to match your hair color to the shade of your certain outfit. Blue is gorgeous in gradation.
Denim Hair

14: Face-Framing Color

Beach summer hair colors bring on the bliss and a penchant for wanderlust. Focus your blonde towards the front to frame your face…and your frames!
Face-Framing Color

15: Dimensional Color

Going lighter in the summer is ultra alluring when you mix your natural shade with dimensional highlights. The overall affect is sun kissed and subtle, so again inspiration from a baby for your summer hair isn’t a bad thing!
Dimensional Color

16: Coral

Not quite red, not quite orange — just on fire, thank you! Take this vibrant summer hair color to the next level with a fun cut this season. Pair with a bold lip and sunnies, and you’re good to go at a moment’s notice.

17: Ice Queen

Keep it cool with a chill icy color this spring! Go for ice blonde, then throw on some silver and grey for a monochromatic look that’s sure to melt hearts.
Ice Queen

18: Rainbow Bright

The famed Rainbow Brite Doll from the ’80s ain’t got nothing on you! Stick to two hues and blend to your heart’s content.
Rainbow Bright

19: Baby Blue

Ice blue is the new badass blue. Make this pastel summer hair color your own this season and pair it with denim or other shades of blue.
Baby Blue

20: Bronde Summer Hair

Blonde and brown mixed together makes for the ultimate bronde — throw in a bob — and you’re all set for summer.
Bronde Summer Hair

21: Hand Painted Blonde

Go for platinum in the warmer months to stay cool in summer, but have your colorist paint on the color for rich dimension.
Hand Painted Blonde

22: Baby Pink

Pink hair is so pretty…especially for spring and summer. If you’re thinking about trying a pastel these next couple of months, go for pink as it will highlight your features and elevate your style in an instant.
Baby Pink
So, does warmer weather have you itching to try a new style? Give one of these summer hair colors a try in 2018. Have fun this season, don’t be scared! Color is everything, but it can always be adjusted to suit you perfectly. Don’t stop until you’ve honed down a color that’s perfect for you!

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