16 Sexy Long Layered Hairstyle in 2018

Long layered hairstyles are hairstyles done on long-length haircuts with layers. In those, longer tresses alternate with shorter tresses. Longer strands save the length, while shorter strands give the haircut more volume and dimension. Normally, top layers get shorter, comparing to the layers placed beneath. This approach lets the top tips blend seamlessly with those beneath.

There are countless hairstyles that can be created on the basis of layered haircuts. Let’s discover some fresh as well as classy hairstyles for long, layered hair.

1. Ooze Vacation Vibes
How to style this haircut with feathered and long layers so that it could look its best? We would recommend that you go for the blow dry, using a round brush. This way, you will add some volume and bounce to the otherwise lifeless tresses. And don’t forget to accentuate those feathers. The easiest way to do it is to apply hair wax to the tips sparingly before blowing dry your tresses.

2. Like A Barbie Girl
Ask your hair stylist to add smooth and graded face framing layers for your haircut to grant you more flexibility while styling. Also, when getting face framing layers, there is one rule to keep in mind. The shortest layer must be cut in a way to accentuate the most complimenting area of your face. It could be your chin or cheekbones, for instance. Thus, the haircut will flatter you most!

3. Captivated By The Summertime Blonde
It is one of simple long layered hair ideas, yet, it is totally fabulous. How is it possible, you might wonder? Well, in case you don’t know, the best hairstyle is the one that is true to you. So, even the simplest hairstyle will look amazing if it flatters you. And once you understand that, your hairstyles will never turn out less than you expect.

4. A La Natural
It is so amazing how this long layered haircut is styled so that it appears quite natural. You know, if you have long and wavy tresses, you can get such a look without extra effort. All you’ll need is to wash your tresses and let them air dry. But if your tresses are not wavy, you can get this look by applying curl building serum and blow drying your tresses without any brush. Just squeeze the strands with fingers.

5. Gorg Brown Hair With Highlights
The haircut you can see here has one distinct feature: its layers are shorter, while the length stays pretty long. And subtle highlights done on brown hair are what makes this look especially sophisticated. The highlights along with the layers add not only bulk but also the necessary movement to this hairstyle. As for the styling products, we would recommend that you use flexible gel. This hairstyle needs not only hold but also softness.

6. Soft Texture To Live For
Do you know why we decided to add this picture to our gallery? Because this hairstyle is totally amazing. A light brown hair color with highlights and the layered long cut looks awesome. But add sassy layers and unique, soft texture, and voila, this look is already bomb! For the soft and wavy texture, use workable hairspray with a non-sticky formula. Just apply it and create large waves with a large barrel hair straightener. Run the fingers through your tresses for a softer look.

7. Like Brigitte Bardot
Inspired by famous Brigitte Bardot, this hairstyle involves medium length layers spiced up by wavy and messy texture. We think that it is the definition of sexy. When styling, your task is to make this look appear very effortless. The best thing about this look is that it has that natural feeling we all crave for. A tip: place a hair straightener horizontally when styling.

8. Boho-Expressive
Medium to long layered haircuts look so winning when some boho messiness is added. A hairstyle like this can help you express your inner boho goddess and artistic nature. As you can see here, a layered haircut works great on medium hair. Layers can give even more volume and bounce to medium tresses. You won’t even have to apply volumizing products!

9. Shorter, A Bit Texturized Layers
This haircut with short layers has such subtle texture that we cannot but fall in love with it. The layers along with this amazing color flatter this model perfectly, how do you think? When styling, add some life to this hairstyle by applying silkening oil. Blow dry your pretty tresses, using a round brush. Finish this hairstyle with hairspray.

10. Blonde Goddess
If you have gorgeous, long locks, why not rock them loose? Just wave your locks and show off how beautiful they are! Also, if you have long thin hair, the waves along with subtle layers will add the necessary bulk and dimension to it. To deal with frizz while styling, apply dry oil and heat protectant. Finish with light hold hairspray.

11. Los Angeles Babe
It’s one of our favorite long layered hairstyles. When styled sleek and straight, a long hair cut appears quite glamorous. As you can see, layers remove extra bulk from thick tresses, thus making them flow effortlessly. Use a flat iron to get such a polished effect. As for the finishing, strong hold hair spray will work for thick long tresses.

12. Kid Blonde
We love this hairstyle with longer layers done on thick tresses. And the color is awesome! It looks like natural blonde on a 9-year-old girl. If you want to get a similar color, we would advise you to book an appointment at the salon. Trust a professional, and you will get an outstanding result.

13. Long Platinum Blonde Layered Hair
The movement that layers give to your silhouette is something unbelievable, but we can’t have too much of beauty, right? So why don’t make your layered hairstyle look even more stylish? A new hair color, such as platinum blonde with some wheat vibes will emphasize each layer in the most flattering way.

14. Wavy Blonde Balayage
Here comes a splendid idea for thin hair! You’ve got your layers, but they don’t give the needed extra volume? Waves and the variety of shades of blonde balayage will show you how a truly perfect layered style looks like.

15. Messy Brunette Waves
When the sun shines down on brunette layers, we just can’t take our eyes off this beauty! And you know what? Waves will enhance it. A bit messy silhouette will make your hair look more lively and voluminous.

16. Brunette-To-Ash Blonde Layered Hairstyle
Do you know how you can emphasize the beauty of your layers? Ash blonde highlights on brunette hair will be there for you. With such a color combination, you will give individuality to each lock, thus making your layers look absolutely unique.

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