15 Ways To Style Short Hair

When deciding on your blonde hairstyle, consider your specific natural color and the type of haircut you enjoy. It’s very practical to have a fast hairstyle. You don’t need to worry about arranging a short shaggy hairstyle if you have thick or curly hair.

1. The textured look with bangin' bangs.

A perk of short hair is how much easier it is to style. Try letting your natural texture. And bangs are always a fun look!

The textured look with bangin

2.  Curled out ends!

Hello 50s! We're backkkkk. Try curling out the ends for that girl next door look. You could even go old school and actually use rollers.

Curled out ends!

3. Try a lil' half up top bun.

This style could not be cuter and your significant other will not be able to handle it.

4. Loose waves, always a good option.

Guess what, you can still do the loose waves, no matter your bob length. They're a classic. Curl with your iron leaving the ends out for a more natural look.

5. Straight and textured.

This is the perfect daytime look for short hair and is pretty easy to style. Just loosely structure your hair with a straight iron and ruffle it up for a messy look.

6.  Half braided.

Have someone braid the top layer of your hair across for a cute new look.

7. Bobbi pinned bun!

It might not be easy and it WILL want to fall out but if you've got enough hairspray and bobbi pins, you could rock a low bun!

8. Half pulled back.

Pull half the hair into a tight pony to show off your sexy cheekbones!

9. Super messy half up.

For that I-didn't-wash-my-hair-today-and-it-still-looks-cute look.

10. Full flip over.

Make a really deep part for that 90s grunge, sultry look.

11. Full curls

For a fancier, fuller look for your bob, do big curls and curl all the way to the end of the hair.

12. Let those tight curls out!

If your hair is naturally curly, enhance it, diffuse it, add scrunching spray. Let those curly curls be free! The shorter your hair the tighter they will be.

13.Ombre it up.

This is the perfect time to try something else new, like a simple or drastic ombre to the ends of your hair.

14. Braided crown.

Try something soft and romantic like this braided crown with all your hair tucked in.

15. Color in the lines!

So you've done the deed! You've chopped that hair right off. Why not take it one step further and color it something wild?! Maybe light pink or blue? There's literally a rainbow for you to choose from.

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