45 Short Hairstyles for Women with Thin Hair

19. Purple-Grey Short Bob
This bob is super short, and its compact nature keeps things classy and chic. The purple grey color created here is interesting while remaining subdued, so it would be easy to muss up to become edgy, depending on your own styling preferences for each day. This is one of the greatest short hairstyles for people with thin hair, because it brings it all into one location, and allows it to become naturally voluminous.

20. Classic Blonde Pixie for Thin Hair
This is another classic pixie haircut, but in a boyish shape. With the sharp lines of the tips and the messy, yet compact mass of hair on top, the overall styling of this short haircut is a bit masculine, and the blonde pulls in a bit of femininity, but with today’s ambiguous styling between male and female fashion and beauty, it doesn’t over-feminize the whole hairstyle.

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