20 Best Short Hairstyles In 2018

While fine hair has the merits of being sleek and soft, it usually comes with the issue of a lack of body and a tendency to get greasy easily. All you need to do though is to follow a few simple rules and your fine hair will rock.

Styling Ideas For Fine Hair

To change your current lackluster fine hair styling, your first step is to choose an appropriate haircut. Short haircuts tend to be the ideal choice because they remove the weight that pulls your hair down. You can opt for pixie cut, blunt cut, bob, lob or boy cut, depending on your preferences. In most of the cases, a layered cut is the secret to achieving a feather-light effect.

Carefully chosen styling products are another way make your haircut look even better. Root boosting mousse and a light holding spray will help build up volume and keep your hair airy and light.

Explore the following styling ideas and be ready to kiss bad thin hair days goodbye!

1: Caramel Undercut Pixie With Side Bangs

An undercut is a smart choice for you to build up the fullness in your hair. You will find your crown denser with this style and the relatively long side bangs work well to soften your face. Light caramel also makes you appear warm and sassy.

2: Layered Balayage Bob

A traditional A-line bob does little for fine hair, that’s why you need this balayage bob instead. With deep roots and blonde highlights, this style creates a dimension and fullness that will exceed your expectation!

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