14 Hair Color Is Brightening Up This Summer

When your crown is feeling more lackluster than lustrous, it’s time to head to the salon and hit the refresh button. From root beer to rose brown, this year’s hair color trends for brunettes are taking dull brown strands from monotone to magnetic; and tortoiseshell, or écaille in French, is a shade that’s leaving brunettes feeling shiny and new with its rich blend of warm shades. (And yes, it’s inspired by your favorite tortoiseshell sunglasses.) Tortoiseshell hair is a mixture of dark shades and touches of warm caramel, honey, and gold. Somehow teetering a perfectly sun-kissed balance between dark and light, this shade often starts with a chocolate brown base and can use techniques like balayage, babylights, ombré, and shadow rooting to create a seamlessly blended finish that’s as low maintenance as you wish. So why not put a few strokes of honey here, a few ribbons of caramel there? It’ll liven up those locks in no time. Check out these tortoiseshell hair color inspirations before your next salon trip.

1. Caramel Ombré
This melting of color feels fresh and light, even though the roots are an almost cool mocha shade. The subtle ombré covers all of the tortoiseshell hues: chocolate, chestnut, caramel, and gold. We love the way the color works with the long, warm blonde face-framing layers. There’s no doubt they’ll be catching the sun all season long.

2. Baby Balayage
Want to spice up your bob? A deep chocolate base color gets a welcome kick from baby balayage highlights in rich chestnuts and caramel. Piecier highlights and heavy face-framing help make a great blend of color.

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