33 Stylish Bobs for Round Faces

7: Curly Brown Bob for Thick Hair
Being born with naturally coarse, curly hair can often feel like simultaneously a blessing and a curse – while your locks are voluminous, you’re also subjected to unruly frizz. Our solution? Try incorporating large, swooping curls with a large barrel iron and use a smoothing pomade or serum. Or scrunch your locks with a curl enhancer for natural frizz-free curls.

8: Sleek Straight Collarbone Cut
There’s nothing as chic as a no-nonsense, stick-straight bob — plus it works to thin out rounder faces. To achieve the look, start styling your hair when it’s wet: comb it perfectly straight and then use hair gel in a downward motion to lock in the shape and add hold and shine. This will work for naturally straight hair.

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