Something you need to know about losing weight

Most fat people have one doubt: “It seems i could become fatter even i only drink water”. They have tried to lose weight again and again, but failed finally. Before losing weight, we need to figure out why you become fat and then how to lose weight as your specific physical condition.

The reason why you are fat

  1. Heredity

Not all the fat is caused by overeating with less exercise. Some are trending to fat because of heredity prior to birth, which affects the weight, hunger, satiety, and metabolism. So if one of your parents are fat, maybe you need to pay more attention to your overeating or high-fat food.

  1. Vivotoxin

Too much waste and vivotoxin will cause fat if they can’t be discharged well. Vivotoxin means your physical condition can’t decompose, absorb or discharge some substances that damage health. When it gets to a high concentration after a long time, fat may be one of the consequences of abnormal functions of your health.

  1. High-fat food

High-fat food is the main reason, especially the high-oil, high-carbon, and high-salt food. Overeating for that food would cause fat easily.

  1. Too much stress

Someone who have stress would stimulate appetite and impede digest, Overeating would increase abdominal fat with time goes by, that’s why your weight gets more and more.

  1. Poor sleep

Sleep can relieve fatigue, make your nervous system more relaxed. While sleeping, Secreted hormones would help the physical body to change fat into energy. Metabolism would be disordered without enough high-quality sleeping, which would cause more and more fat easily.

Food with hidden high calorie you may not know

  1. Fruit

Common fruit like watermelon, litchi, longan, Jackfruit, and durian has high calories. The energy per 100g watermelon is 25 cal~34 cal. These fruits are yummy, but would make it harder to lose weight.

  1. Beer

Beer is named “liquid bread” because it’s high calorie, 600ML beer has around 200 Cal.

  1. Yogurt

The raw yogurt is very sour, the manufacturer add much sugar to make it more popular in the market. Too much sugar would affect the probiotics inside, with high calories. So if you want to lose weight, remember to pay attention to it’s material contains much sugar, if yes, put them down.

  1. Nut

As we know, most nuts are used to produce oil for cooking. Although it tastes well, almost all the nuts have high calories, which would cause fat. 20~30g, around 7 pieces is fine to supplement enough nutrition.


  1. When you feel hungry, your body is burning the fat. If you can exercise around half an hour at once, then twice as much can be done with half the effort.
  2. Make sure you eat slowly, savoring every bite. It can help you to lose weight, and can ease the burden of the stomach.
  3. Drink a bottle of water or tea 20 minutes before a meal, keep away from sweet drinks, snacks, and food.
  4. Control midnight snack before you sleep, otherwise, this snack will change into fat easily. If you feel very hungry, low-fat snack would be your best choice.
  5. Exercise regularly is the key point to lose weight, correct exercise can help to burn the fat.

You would go through a long-term and difficult period if you decide to reject fat, that means you can’t eat as your favorite at a party, date or get-together, and you need to think twice before you open your mouth. But too much fat isn’t good for our health and life, once you succeed, we believe you’ll be on the top of your world.

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