45 Short Hairstyles for Women with Thin Hair

17. Beachy Blonde Short Hairstyle for Thin Hair
This short haircut has a bright blonde at the tips and a warm brown at the roots, blended well so as not to make the roots stand out too much. Blonde hair is always a nice bet for thin hair, as it’s often a rather dainty shade. This shade of blonde is casual, but when styled in an updo, it can easily be transformed into something that calls for more formality.

18. Side Twin Braids for Fine Hair
This style is actually a variant of the short haircut in #23. After a few weeks of growing out, these cute braids can be achieved. These make for a cute, sporty look either for your workouts or for everyday wear. Such braids can only be achieved by having thin and short hair, so they are a great styling if your hair falls into that category.

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