45 Short Hairstyles for Women with Thin Hair

11. Bright Pink Curls for Fine Hair
This bubblegum pink short hairstyle is vibrant and sweet, with cute and fun curls falling above the neck. Pictured here you see the sweet braid pulling the bangs back is a fun addition to the hair, as it works particular well for women with thinner hair, to add in some of that desired volume. Plus, short hair doesn’t generally allow for braids, and this style shows you that they can come just as easily.

12. Hello Kitty Unicorn Hair
Put into words, this short hairstyle sounds way too girly for its own good, but it’s actually rather edgy when all is said and done. With the upward styling of the short hair, it’s almost being styled into a wide faux hawk, even giving the image of flames. Hair tattoos are totally hot today, so why not add in the recognizable cat everybody knows and loves?

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