45 Short Hairstyles for Women with Thin Hair

9. Cotton Candy Pink Bob for Thin Hair
This short hairstyle, minus the color, is totally classic and simple. Lightly curled with the straight across bangs, the only thing that could have possibly made this look any sweeter would have been to add a cotton candy color to it, which is what was done here. So with this total style, you’d be getting classic beauty with some trendy sweetness, from the candy colored hair.

10. Edgy Platinum Pixie Cut
This is another asymmetrical pixie haircut, so its nature is edgy already; the nearly silver platinum blonde coloring just adds a new dimension of edge to it. Shaved on the side, you’re also getting a bit of utility in there for the summer, because who doesn’t love that feeling of a breeze hitting your skin, like when your hair is pulled back? This will give you that feeling all the time.

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