45 Short Hairstyles for Women with Thin Hair

43. Mauve and Blonde Volumized Pixie
There are so many different elements that make this a perfect short haircut for thin hair. To start with, dyeing the roots a darker mauve color creates the illusion that there is more hair. In the hair itself, the different shades of blonde create even more dimension and texture. Lastly, by keeping the top of this pixie cut longer, and brushing it up with a bit of mousse, the whole style seems lush, and voluminous.

44. Platinum Buzzcut
Haters can move straight to the back, because this buzzcut is all about being front and center. This is a truly fearless short hairstyle for women with thin hair, because it presents absolutely no illusions. It is simply austere and brave, with a bright and daring color.

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