45 Short Hairstyles for Women with Thin Hair

39. Smokey White Short Haircut for Thin Hair
In this image, you have two possible hairstyles for this type of cut: one braid and one loose. The loose style shows how free and luscious even fine hair can look with this haircut, with the side being buzzed and the top being simply styled. The braid serves to show that even short hair like this can be braided like thick strands, even giving the visual of being longer.

40. Wavy, Mini Bob
I call this a mini bob because it falls the same way as a standard bob, but falls quite a bit shorter. In a messy blonde with brown underneath, the length is almost that of a bowl cut, but the waves and shorter bangs offset that. This whole hairstyle is rather beachy, because of its messy waves, and you’re getting the boyish look on top of that.

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