45 Short Hairstyles for Women with Thin Hair

35. Balayage-Colored Shoulder-Length Haircut
Wavy hair and summer just go hand in hand, and this iteration pulls a good deal of the hair to one side, adding a lovely sense of imbalance, that all comes together thanks to the balayage highlights. The color is a natural, classic highlight duo, so you’re bringing in some great trends into this hairstyle without the addition of unordinary colors that may not be wanted by everyone.

36. Layered Silver and Blonde Hairstyle for Fine Hair
This short hairstyle is perfectly layered, with each strand placed in a pristine location, creating even layers and a great deal of balance. The two tones of silver and blonde blend seamlessly together, which allows the two colors to harmonize. You can clearly see the differences between the two colors if you look, but at a glance it appears as a luminous hue.

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