45 Short Hairstyles for Women with Thin Hair

23. Airy Blonde Short Cut for Thin Hair
The length of this cut is above the shoulders, but far below the ears, so it is a longer style. This is a look that will be great with finer hair, since volume would ruin the integrity of the cut. Plus, fine blonde hair is always a stunning sight, especially when styled so loosely and lovely as this. This is a more simple hairstyle for short and thin hair, plus it’s really easy to wear.

24. Brown to Blonde Pulled Back Hair
Long, full ponytails are beautiful and everything like that, but there’s just something so cute and chic about thin, short ponytails too. When your hair is just long enough to fit well into a ponytail, it leaves an adorable length at the back, and the rest of your head is left sleek with the pulled back strands; this area of this overall hairstyle is a warm brown, leaving all of the blonde in the ponytail.

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