41 Lovely Long Haircuts for Stylish Looks

11: Shiny Black Haircut with Flicked Layers
Flipping the ends of the layers up while blow-drying is easy and especially effective if you rock a feathered cut. Though black has an inclination towards uniformity, layers of various lengths break up the monotonous dark color and bring your tresses to life. Sleek and shiny approaches to styling are best.

12: Bronde Choppy Hairstyle with Fringy Ends
Fringy ends are a great option for someone seeking to take density out of their thick hair. For that reason, those with thinner locks may want to avoid this, as wispiness can easily remove body from the hair. A longer, thinner face, such as an oblong one, will prefer fine ends contrasted with a fuller midsection as it gives a rounder silhouette.

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