35 Best Medium Hairstyles and Haircuts In 2018

If you’re longing for a new haircut but don’t need a drastic change, medium hairstyles are right here waiting for you. They are low-maintenance and can flatter any face shape. With the right styling tricks, colors, layers and angles, you’ll get the best medium haircuts. Check out our list of gorgeous medium hairstyles below to get inspired.

1: Two-layered Medium Hairstyles

The dual-layered hairstyle and the usage of various shades of blonde gives a textured and chic look to your hair. It creates a loose and natural feeling and successfully shifts the focus to the layers and colors. This helps make the hair look thicker than before.

2: Toused With Flipped Up Ends

A medium length tousled bob adds overall volume and helps distract from the thinness of your hair. A side parting can complement your face shape, making it smaller and drawing attention to a beautifully pointed chin. Caramel hues with dark roots really go well with this style.

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